Soloverde was founded in the year 2000 when Mr. Giancarlo Bordoni from Switzerland set up a storage facility for organic oil seeds.


In 2012 the construction of the expeller press plant in Stamora Germana/Timis was started and in 2015 an organic oil refinery was added. Mr. Bordoni used his lifelong experience to set up a state-of-the-art facility with the ability to produce high quality organic oils.

By 2022 the Rauch family from Austria took over the majority from Mr. Bordoni to integrate Soloverde in their VFI Oils for Life Group (https://vfi.co.at/en/). The traditional connection to Switzerland and the founding family is maintained through the minority shareholders Mrs. Stefania Bordoni and Oleificio Sabo , the leading distributor of organic oils in Switzerland.

VFI Oils for Life and Soloverde together form the leading producer of organic oils in Europe. High standards of accountability and quality security applied in both organic companies fit well together. Being part of the VFI Oils for Life Group will ensure increasing processing volumes in the Soloverde oil press and the refinery. Soloverde will be the premier processor of organic oilseeds in Romania.