Personal data processing policy

This Privacy Policy is an integral part of the General Terms and Conditions existing on the website (“the Site”) and regulates the way in which the SOLOVERDE Oil Factory (“SOLOVERDE Oil Factory” ) processes the personal data of the Site users. The SOLOVERDE oil factory is registered in the Record Register of Personal Data Processing under number 32758.

You have the right to know what is happening with your personal data. What is personal data? Your name, email address, order delivery address, the contents of the shopping cart on the website, your preferences in terms of browsing the website, all these represent your personal data.

In the course of our activity, the protection of your personal data is a particularly important concern for the SOLOVERDE Oil Factory. Thus, our objective is to offer you a safe online experience, respecting your right to privacy and confidentiality.

According to the European Regulation 2016/679 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data (“the Regulation”) and Law no. 506/2004 regarding the processing of personal data and the protection of private life in the electronic communications sector, with subsequent amendments and additions, the SOLOVERDE Oil Factory has the obligation to process personal data in accordance with the principles of processing and under conditions of technical security and only for the purposes specified below.

Processing principles

The principles followed by the SOLOVERDE Oil Factory for the protection of Website users regarding the processing of personal data are the following:

The collection of personal data is done only for the specified, clear and legitimate purposes and it is not processed in any other way incompatible with these purposes.
Personal data must be adequate, relevant and not excessive in relation to the purpose for which they are collected and/or further processed.
Personal data must be accurate and if necessary updated or deleted in accordance with your requests. We will take all reasonable steps to delete or rectify inaccurate, incomplete data, having regard to the purposes for which it was collected or for which it is further processed.
Your personal data are not kept for longer than is necessary for the purposes for which they were collected or for which they are subsequently processed.
Personal data are processed under security conditions, thus ensuring a level of protection against unauthorized or illegal access, and also against their loss, destruction or damage.
The SOLOVERDE oil factory maintains the confidentiality of the personal data of the users of its Website according to the requirements of the Regulation.

For the security of the data and the confidentiality of the information transmitted through the accounts created on the Site, your account is password protected. SOLOVERDE Oil Factory makes every effort and uses appropriate IT technologies to ensure the protection and security of the data you provide to us through this Site. The SOLOVERDE Oil Factory staff does not have access and cannot view the password set by you.

In the cases required by the Regulation regarding the violation of the security of personal data, the SOLOVERDE Oil Factory will inform the competent authorities and relevant persons without delay and accordingly.

Types of data and purposes of processing

The main personal data that we process regarding the users of our Website refer to:

identification data (e.g., surname, first name, delivery address, billing address, telephone numbers, e-mail address, etc.),
data related to how the SOLOVERDE Oil Factory products and/or services are used or intended to be used, including other information closely related to the use of the requested services and/or products.
Personal data is collected by the SOLOVERDE Oil Factory, exclusively directly from you and not from third parties. For example, data is collected when you create a user account, when you subscribe to our newsletter or when you place an order on the website.

The personal data regarding the users of the Website will be processed in accordance with the Regulation and will be used by the SOLOVERDE Oil Factory for the following purposes:

invoicing the ordered products and services;
process receiving and shipping product orders, as well as providing ordered services;
informing users about the status of orders placed, by phone and by e-mail and SMS messages;
evaluation of the products and services offered;
of direct marketing, respectively information through messages sent by e-mail and SMS regarding existing products and services or new products and services exclusively of the SOLOVERDE Oil Factory, not of its partners or promotions, contests or any other marketing actions carried out only by the SOLOVERDE Oil Factory, not by its partners, only to the extent that you have expressed your express and unequivocal consent to the processing of your e-mail and/or telephone for this purpose;
organizing general marketing or advertising activities, as well as user loyalty activities, as well as carrying out surveys,
conducting market research by tracking and monitoring sales and consumer behavior;
the taking over and resolution by the SOLOVERDE Oil Factory of the requests, questions and complaints addressed;
making reports and analyzes regarding the economic activity of the SOLOVERDE Oil Factory, with the aim of helping in operational management, as well as with the aim of analyzing the degree of performance of the economic activity of the SOLOVERDE Oil Factory,
carrying out debt recovery or debt collection activities or the administration, either directly or through third-party contractors, of such activities, with regard to non-paying customers,
the archiving of documents that are made regarding the relationship between you and the SOLOVERDE Oil Factory,
the resolution of disputes, investigations or any other complaints/petitions to which the SOLOVERDE Oil Factory is a party,
We also specify that the SOLOVERDE Oil Factory sometimes uses personal data for a series of secondary purposes (e.g., internal, external audit, archiving, etc.), which are always compatible with the main purposes for which the respective data were originally collected by to the SOLOVERDE Oil Factory.

The SOLOVERDE oil factory undertakes not to make public the personal data transmitted by you through the Site, not to commercialize it and not to disclose it to third parties, except in the case where it is between expressly agreed partners by the SOLOVERDE Oil Factory (e.g., for example, courier service providers, financial management service providers, website administration service providers, newsletter sending service providers, etc.). In such a situation, the SOLOVERDE Oil Factory will ensure that the collaborative partner, carefully chosen, will meet the legal requirements regarding the protection of personal data.

Processing principles

The personal data of the users of the Site will always be processed based on a legal objective, as required by the Regulation. More specifically, the processing carried out by us is based on the following principles:

the explicit consent provided by users, if we are in the case where you have given us this consent (e.g., in the case of direct marketing: sending a newsletter),
execution of a contract to which the users are a party, (processing and dispatch of product orders placed by you, provision of support services, notifications) or to take pre-contractual steps at the request of the users to conclude a contract (e.g., presentation of our offers ). The data that are necessary for this purpose are: surname, first name, delivery address, billing address, e-mail address, telephone number.
if applicable, a legal obligation incumbent on the SOLOVERDE Oil Factory (e.g. reporting obligations to the authorities). The data that are necessary for this purpose are: surname, first name, delivery address, billing address, e-mail address, telephone number.
the legitimate objective of the SOLOVERDE Oil Factory related to the administration of the company (for example: centralizing operations and maintaining an internal database, analyzing some ideas to improve the efficiency of the way in which the SOLOVERDE Oil Factory’s economic activity is operated, performing statistical analyzes regarding to the user portfolio).

Storage period

In order to achieve the above-mentioned purposes, your personal data will be stored by the SOLOVERDE Oil Factory for an indefinite period in the case of the provision of products and services and for an indefinite period in the case of the personal data necessary to send the newsletter.

Your rights, of the website user, regarding personal data

The rights that can be exercised, individually or cumulatively, by you, regarding your data personal streets are the following:

The right to delete data (“the right to be forgotten”) – you can request the deletion of your personal data in situations expressly regulated by law (especially in the case of withdrawal of consent or in the case that it is found that the processing of personal data was not legal ). Thus you can obtain from the SOLOVERDE Oil Factory the deletion of said data,
The right of access – you can request confirmation of whether or not your personal data is being processed by the SOLOVERDE Oil Factory. If they are processed, you can request access to them, as well as certain information about them. At your request, the SOLOVERDE Oil Factory will also issue a copy of the processed personal data. The request for additional copies will be charged according to the actual costs incurred by the SOLOVERDE Oil Factory,
The right to rectification – you can obtain the modification of inaccurate personal data, as well as the completion of those that are incomplete, including by providing additional information,
The right to object to the processing of personal data – you can object at any time to the processing or creation of profiles, for reasons related to your particular situation, this processing being carried out on the basis of the legitimate interest of the SOLOVERDE Oil Factory or in the exercise of a public interest or an authorization with which the SOLOVERDE Oil Factory is vested,
The right to restrict processing – you can obtain from the SOLOVERDE Oil Factory the restriction of the processing of personal data in certain situations expressly regulated by law (in particular if the accuracy of said data is contested for the period necessary to determine this inaccuracy, or if whose processing is illegal, and you do not want to delete the data, but opt ​​for its restriction). In these situations, with the exception of storage, the data will no longer be processed,
The right to file a complaint – you can file a complaint against the way the SOLOVERDE Oil Factory processes personal data. The complaint will be submitted to the National Supervisory Authority for the Processing of Personal Data.
The right to data portability – you can receive the personal data provided, in a structured and clear format, which can be read automatically, and you can request that said data be transmitted to another operator. This right is applicable only to the personal data provided by you to the SOLOVERDE Oil Factory, and only if the processing of personal data is carried out by automatic means, and has as a legal objective either the execution of a contract or your consent,
The right to withdraw your consent – ​​you can withdraw your consent to the processing of personal data by SOLOVERDE Oil Factory at any time, in cases where the processing is based on consent. The withdrawal of consent will only have effects for the future, the processing carried out prior to the withdrawal still remaining valid,
These rights can be exercised by you either individually or collectively by submitting a written request, signed and dated, at the headquarters of the SOLOVERDE Oil Factory in str. Miron Costin no. 26, Bucharest or through the contact form on https:/ /

Privacy Policy Revisions

The SOLOVERDE oil factory reserves the right to modify and update this Privacy Policy at any time. Additional information will be included in an updated document, which you will be able to find at

That’s why, when you access the site, please check the section dedicated to the Protection of personal data because there may have been changes since the last visit.

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