Soloverde constantly checks the reliability of its products and regularly controls the various production phases with its own agronomists.

In fact, the three main objectives of Soloverde are: to satisfy the customer's needs, to identify the potential for optimizing and correcting production processes to make them more functional in relation to the quality of the end product.

Soloverde has always worked only with organic seeds, through mechanical pressure, to obtain high quality cold pressed oils, which is why it uses ultra-modern systems, constantly investing in new technologies to always guarantee the highest quality product.

Organic oil produced in the press is subject to systematic internal analyzes after each refining phase.

In addition, Soloverde owns a laboratory equipped with modern equipments to ensure, together with its chemists, the quality required by the high international standards of its customers.

Regardless of the analyzes made available by our suppliers, Soloverde always subjects raw materials to an internal and external analysis plan again, through certified and accredited laboratories.

Since the beginning of the activity, Soloverde has implemented a control system which guarantees the customers traceability: from the field up to your table.